September 23, ICESPRING Team visited FoodTechIL 2019 in Tel-Aviv

At the event, the ICESPRING team met with several interesting people, experts and potential partners and customers. More than 60 useful contacts, including those from large companies.

From July 1 until September 23, ICESPRING Team accelerate project "CRYOSEPARATION" in European Institute of Innovation & Technology Food Acceleration Network

The home of the Israeli EIT-FAN program is the Faculty of Biotechnology & Food Engineering at the Technion (Haifa, Israel) and it is a fruitful collaboration with the Strauss Group. All startups joining us will benefit from:• Two full days per week program (Tuesday and Wednesday) at the Technion (Haifa) by Israel’s leading academia and food industry professionals• Housing support for foreign companies• 5000 Euro (per company) to spend on for R&D at the Technion with complete access to top research infrastructure (i.e. Pilot plant facility enabling scale up), labs, consultation by Technion’s faculty experts, and network of professional contacts.• A unique entrepreneurship atmosphere with academic and business curriculum personalized to the needs of the participating entrepreneurs: Lectures, practicum workshops, success stories, industry tours, round tables and meetups with investors (Meet the VCs event).• One-on-one bi- weekly mentoring by leading business and food experts.• Industry tours in leading food factories, incubators and companies.• Dedicated co-space for the entrepreneurs

On April 26, the CEO of the "ICESPRING" company Andrey Podolets performed in the final of the competition Get in the Ring Moscow in heavyweight (startups from $500K).

We would like to express our special gratitude to the organizers of the contest: Irina Birman, Director of Agro-Innovation Media, for the warm welcome. Frank Donkers, Head of Design, for their interest in our project. Our project was highly appreciated and recommended for further promotion in the Netherlands.

From April 17 to 19, the CEO of the company "ICESPRING" Andrey Podolets took part in the YaMEF-2019 at a panel discussion organized by VOIR-Patent and Rospatent.

There was a very lively discussion on the issues of commercialization and capitalization of intellectual property. And the main topics of the whole forum for the first time included the discussion of the potential of Russian inventions and inventors. There are a lot of positive moments and understanding of the situation for the development of invention in our country!

It is reported that the technology does not require the use of chemical reagents or replacement filters and may be in demand in Asian countries.

NOVOSIBIRSK, 29 August. /(TASS). CEO of ICSPRING from the Novosibirsk Technopark (Akadempark) has developed a plant for effective water treatment and desalination by recrystallization (freezing). This technology does not require the use of chemical reagents or replaceable filters, said Andrey Podolets, president of ICESPRING, TASS, on Wednesday.


CEO of "ICESPRING" took part in the St. Petersburg International Scientific and Practical Conference "Inventive and rationalization activity as a driver of technological development "NEVSKAYA FORMULA".

Saint-Petersburg, 25-26 July 2018 The organizers of the conference, the Central Council of VOIR and the St. Petersburg City Organization of VOIR, the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Consumer Market and the Center for Development and Support of Entrepreneurship of the city held it in the Unified Center of Entrepreneurship. Andrey Podolets made a presentation of the project "Cryo-purification of water" and talked to the conference participants, organizers and other inventors.

ICESPRING Ltd. presented the project "Cryo-purification of water" in the framework of the accelerator of educational intensity "Island 10-21" at the University of National Technological Initiative "20.35" on the island of Russky, Vladivostok.

The event was attended by more than 1000 people - leaders of technological development of Russia. Organizers: NTI University "20.35" ASI, RVC, ANO "Digital Economy", FEFU.

ICESPRING ECW laboratory device for water recrystallization by freezing was visited on Russky Island. Experiments on freezing the Pacific Ocean were conducted. Seawater has a high salt content and requires considerable effort to purify. The "Cryo-purification of water" project was highly appreciated and was ranked among the top 10 projects in the final of the competition (7th place).

This white box turns into a glacier in a couple of hours. The North Pole inside the plastic container is needed to get a guaranteed clean water. Simple physics! When the liquid crystallizes, all harmful salts freeze last. The main thing is to get rid of them in time!


The inventor proposed to purify the water without chemical reagents

Nature gave the engineer a way to desalinate the liquid through freezing.

On Tuesday, February 27, the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators (VOIR) held a meeting with the developer of water treatment technology. Andrey Podolets, inventor, co-author of the project, engineer of biotechnical systems, proposed a method of water treatment that does not require chemical reagents and fine filtration. The idea is to freeze the liquid and then separate the ice fractions from the salts. The next stage of its purification is the thawing of crystal clear ice.


... "We're building up an ice crystal with certain characteristics so that it doesn't capture impurities. We drain the remaining dirt in a liquid form and thaw the ice to obtain clean water. On this principle, we were one of the first in Russia to receive a patent for our invention and now we are trying to develop this technology in certain areas," says Andrey Podolets, CEO of the company. Compared to filters, this is the most effective of the existing water treatment technologies, he says...


...Academpark resident solves the main environmental problem of the planet - water pollution. The company develops a system of water purification by means of freezing. As Andrey Podolets, the startup manager, explained, when water is frozen, it displaces impurities from its molecules into the liquid medium. Simply put, clean water freezes at zero degrees, but the more impurities it contains, the lower the freezing point.